The Lost Trailers – Special Guests of Easton Corbin


Together Stokes Neilson and Jason Wyatt share a vision, passion and excitement for making great music. With a major transition for The Lost Trailers in 2012, Stokes and Jason began collaborating to produce popular hits such as “The Underdog” and “American Beauty”, audience favorites. Elements of faith, love, courage, victory, heartache and humor are a vital part of the songs they write and produce. The music you will hear at this concert speaks to the will to keep going when the world doesn’t go your way and to never give up on dreams if a person is willing to work for them.
The Lost Trailers’ concerts are a good time. Audiences jump around, clap their hands, sing, and holler – whatever moves them. But don’t think that’s all it is. Stokes and Jason want their concerts to be meaningful and relevant. Leave all those things you don’t want to think about at the door when you come to hear their music and have the experience of a lifetime. These two deliver what you want to spend your hard earned dollars for – music that speaks to the heart of the everyday person. This high energy opening duo will be the perfect introduction to the Easton Corbin concert 2013 at the Lenawee County Fair on Wednesday, July 24th.