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Lenawee County Fair Open Class Static Winners – 2016


Best of Show (Adult) – Karen Siebarth, Britton

Best of Show (Youth) – Ashley Klann, Adrian

First Place Winners (Adults)
Adrian – Donhald Dettman, Cole Publishi, Kay Firster, Ruby Rupert, Gwen Ruesink, Amy Cottrill, Dimple Pitock; Blissfield – Susan Andrews; Manitou Beach – Audrey Johnson; Tecumseh – Ruth Caplon; Milwaukee WI – Monica Siebarth; Palmyra – Angela Mallory; Britton – Karen Siebarth, John Mulcahy; Morenci – Roger Emmons; Onsted – Liz Harton

First Place Winners (Youth)
Adrian – Garrett Ppubliski, Lauren Klann, Ashely Klann; Clayton – Cali Wismer; Tecumseh – Noah Manuszak; Riga – Erin Reichow; Jasper – Kathryn Zenk


Best of Show (Adult) – Quinn Elliott, Hudson

Best of Show (Youth) – Noah Manuszak, Tecumseh

First Place Winners (Adults)
Adrian – Sarah Publiski, Ruby Rupert, Gwen Ruesink; Hudson – Gene Elliott, Nancy Beaubien, Kris Eschedor; Blissfield – Ron Thompson, Audrey Wegner; Riga – Diana Garcia; Britton – Karen Siebarth; Tecumseh – Corey Alvarez; Morenci – Roger Emmons

First Place Winners (Juniors and Youth)
Adrian – Garrett Publiski; Clayton – Madiah Derr, Emma Jean Derr; Tecumseh – Noah Manuszak; Clayton – Cali Wismer
First Place Winner (Professional)
Deerfield – Marty Chrisman


Best of Show (Adult) – Ruby Rupert, Adrian

Best of Show (Youth) – Noah Manuszak, Tecumseh

First Place Winners (Adults)
Adrian – Corinthia Sprow, Kay Firster, Lue Munson, Ruby Rupert, Anita Scott, Lois Meier; Sand Creek – Roberta Anderson, Steve Anderson; Riga – Jacqueline Salsbury; Hudson – Kris Eschedor, Jodie Gunn; Britton – Julie McBride, Bruce Siebarth, Charlotte Wood, Beth Loesch; Jasper – Suzanne J. Margaret Zenk; Tecumseh – Edward Manuszak; Blissfield – Chkeryl Neuroth

First Place Winners (Youth)
Adrian – Kallen Mohr; Tecumseh – Lucas Manuszak, Noah Manuszak, Lily Caplon


Folk  Art

Best of Show (Adult) – Janice Whitehead, Manitou Beach

Best of Show (Junior) – Ashley Klann, Adrian

First Place Winners(Adults)

Adrian – Nerissa Snider, William Salter, Anita Scott; Blissfield – Audrey Wegner, Susan Andrews; Addison – Beatrice Cuthbertson; Clayton – Barbara Baker, Crystal Derr, James Adams; Riga – Diane Garcia; Farmington – Chelsea Ellis; Manitou Beach – Janice Whitehead, Audrey Johnson; Clinton – Deborah Flint;  Hudson – Nancy Beaubien, Kris Eschedor, Jodie Gunn; Sand Creek –  Roberta Anderson

First Place (Juniors)

Adrian – Ashley Klann, Lauren Klann; Blissfield – Katie Berry; Tecumseh – Lily Caplon; Clayton – Madiah Derr

First Place (Youth)

Blissfield – Pason Fox, Brianna Cross, Michaela Cross; Onsted – Madalyn Schultz; Clayton  – Emma Jean Derr;  Tecumseh – Nao0ah Manuszak


Best of Show (Adult) – Sue Schaller,  Swanton, Ohio  Best of Show (Youth) – Ryan Doty, Tipon

First Place Winners (Adult)

Adrian – Paula Buermele, Dimple Pitock; Manitou Beach – Tara Rock, Earl Rock;  \Swanton Ohio – Sue Schaller; Blissfield – Deanne Cross; Morenci – Angela Stutzman, Kathi Tice-Taylor

First Place Winner (Youth) – Tipton – Ryan Doty

Culinary Arts

Best of Show Baked Goods (Adult)  Marty Chrisman, Deerfield;

Best of Show Canned Goods (Adult) – Deborah Long, Adrian

Wilton Cake Decorating Award – Mediah Derr, Clayton

Red Star Yeast Award – Jessica Hallenbeck, Onsted

First Place Winners Baked Goods (Adult)

Adrian – Gwen Ruesink, Ruby Rupert, Nerissa Snider, Mary Pitock, Tammie Reasoner, Marjorie Kintner, Dimple Pitock; Mantiou Beach – Audrey Johnson; Tecumseh – Corey Alvarez; Blissfield – Susan Andrews, Carolyn J. Berry, Audrey Wegner; Hudson – Nancy Beaubien, Kris Eschedor; Onsted – Jessica Hallenbeck; Clinton – Deborah Flint, Katherine Flint; Riga – Diana Garcia; Deerfield – Marty Chrisman;  Clayton – Chrystal Derr, James Adams, Barbara Baker;  Jasper — Suzanne Stout

First Place Winners Baked Goods (Youth)

Adrian –Lauren Klann, Ashley Klann, Garrett Publiski; Clayton – Madiah Derr, Cali Wismer; Tecumseh – Lily Caplon, Lucas Manuszak; Blissfield – Pason Fox

First Place Winners Canned Goods

Adrian – Dimple Pitock, Lue Munson, Deborah Long; Addison –Beatrice Cuthbertson; Palmyra – Angela Mallory; Manitou Beach – Audrey Johnson; Milwaukee, WI – Monica Siebarth; Britton – Karen Siebarth

Fine Arts

Best of Show (Adults) – Phyllis Bale, Tipton    Best of Show (Professional) – Linda Akhtar, Brooklyn   Best of Show (Juniors) – Katie Berry, Blissfield     Best of Show (Youth) – Cali Wismer,Clayton

First Place Winners (Adults)

Adrian – Joyce Salter, Deloris Clark-Osborne, Anita Scott; Tipton – Phyllis Bale; Riga – Diana Garcia; Onsted – Samantha Westgate, Liz Harton; Clinton – Katherine Flint

First Place Winners (Professional)

Brooklyn – Linda Akhtar; Adrian – Kelly Moore; Onsted – Cassidy King; Tecumseh – Patricia Kemph

First Place Juniors –   Katie Berry, Blissfield

First Place Youth – Clayton – Cali Wismer; Adrian – Ava DePew

Home Arts

Best of Show (adult)  Needlework – Carolyn J. Berry, Blissfield

Best of Show (Adult) Sewing – Karen Ricketts, Britton

First Place Winners Needlework

Adrian, – Amy Cottrill, Diane S. Meyers, Lue Munson, Gwen Ruesink, Deborah Semiferd; Blissfield – Susan Andrews, Carolyn Berry; Clayton – Barbara Baker, Chrystal Derr; Hudson – Nancy Beaubien; Addison – Beatrice Cuthbertson; Riga – Carmen Garcia; Mantiou Beach – Audrey Johnson

First Place Winners Sewing

Adrian – Amy Cottrill, Marge Earl, Kay Firster, Sarah Publiski, Gwen Ruesink, Joyce Salter; Sand Creek  – Rachelle Anderson, Roberta Anderson; Clayton – Barbara Baker, Barbara Lloyd; Hudson – Nancy Beaubien, Jodie Gunn; Blissfield –  Grian Cross, Jacqueline Miller, Cheryl Neuroth; Riga – Diana Garcia; Mantiou Beach – Audrey Johnson; Britton, Karen Ricketts

First Place Handspun – Beatrice Cuthbertson, Addison

First Place Youth

Blissfield – Michaela Cross; Clayton – Emma Jean Derr, Madiah Derr; Jasper- Kathryn Zenk

Saturday, July 30th: Merchant’s Day

Our day sponsor:

T&L Rental


 Tuff Truck & Car Competition

7 pm at the Grandstand

The perfect way to wrap up another great fair week! Purchase tickets online or at the fair office.


Larry Rothman and Pickin’ Roots

8 pm at the Bandshell – No additional cost


Friday, July 29th: Ag Day

Our day sponsor: 



Diesel & Gas Truck Pull

7 pm at the Grandstand

Don’t miss this Lenawee County Fair favorite! Puchase tickets online or at the fair office.

Caitlin LaBlanc

7 pm at the Bandshell – No additional cost

2015 County Showdown Winner, Caitlin is sure to give an awesome performance!

Bordertown Band

8 pm at the Bandshell – No additional cost


Thursday, July 28th: Senior Citizen’s Day

Our day sponsor:  


L.A. Bexten

65 Years and Older Admitted Free


Figure 8

7 pm at the Grandstand

Everyone’s favorite car crashing metal crunching event. Purchase tickets online or at the fair office.


Dueling Pianos

8 pm at the Bandshell – No additional cost

Wednesday, July 27th: Veteran’s Day

Our day sponsor:


Veterans admitted FREE all day upon showing proof of service.



All events are free grandstand admission for all ages. 
Kids Activities Noon – 4 pm at the Grandstand
Ronnie Sowle Memorial Bull Riding 7pm at the Grandstand
Special appearances by Annie Schiller and Snickers Adrian’s own Annie Schiller will be performing with her faithful side kick Snickers.


8 pm: Free concert at the bandshell



Tuesday, July 26th: Kids Day

Our day sponsor: 





Figure 8

7 pm at the Grandstand

Everyone’s favorite car crashing metal crunching event. Purchase tickets online or at the fair office.

Talent Contest

6 pm at the Bandshell – No additional cost

Talent Preliminaries begin at 6:00pm. Junior Contest begins at 7:00pm, followed by the Intermediate & Senior contests.



Monday, July 25th: Twilight Dollar Day

Our day sponsor: 



chris janson

Midway Rides Open from 5-11 pm and all rides $1


8 pm

Chris Janson’s “Buy Me a Boat” solo album became a number 1 single on country charts in September of 2015. He is a songwriter first, penning hits for others, most notably Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”. Chris Janson has toured with Toby Keith, and he is this year’s nomination for the up and coming new artist of country music. Purchase tickets online or at the fair office.


8 pm

Contestants will battle it out at the Bandshell and you can enjoy it for no additional cost.