Seeking Artisans of Lost Arts & Vintage Crafts of the Past

Are you into weaving, caning, and candle making? Is your passion quilting, soap making, or spinning? Does your music of choice include instruments of the past and melodies our grandparents or great grandparents sang and played? These are just a few examples of the Lost Arts Display and Demos planned for the 2013 Lenawee County Fair.

The Roots Committee of the Lenawee County Fair is embracing the skills and gifts of Artisans of Lost or Living Arts and invites you to be a part of this project at this year’s fair. The fair will be held July 21-27. This invitation additionally extends to the 175th anniversary year of the fair in the summer of 2014.

What a wonderful opportunity to bring Lost and Living Arts to a most appropriate venue, the oldest running fair in Michigan.  Join us to share your artistic talents and crafts of yesteryear with our patrons. We are seeking artists to exhibit, market, display and/or demonstrate their products, artistic items and talents in the historic Grange Building during fair week. Your expertise in these skillful arts is most welcome. Highlights for this project are listed below:

  • Indoor and outdoor display areas are available. (No fee this year). Inside areas will be within the Grange Building and outside areas will be in a near proximity.
  • Options exist for a permanent area for items to be displayed for the entire week.
  • Demo area will be available. Several demo days and times can be scheduled per artisan.
  • Marketing of products is possible for those wishing to display and serve booth rotations.
  • Location is secured so indoor displays will not have to be dismantled daily.
  • Some storage is available for demo items.
  • Space is limited. First come, first served.
  • Registration forms are available by clicking here or at the fair office, 517-263-3007.

For more information, you may also please contact Neil Griffith @ 517-265-4459.