Head, Heart, Hands, Health | Celebrating National 4-H Week

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October 5-11 is National 4-H week and we are excited to be supporters of Lenawee county 4-H. In keeping with today’s technology, this year’s theme is #iam4H, and we are celebrating by exploring just what 4-H is and what qualities 4-H strives to develop in today’s youth.

What is 4-H?

4-H is a national youth organization developed and overseen by the US Department of Agriculture. The 4-H mission is to “engage youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development” by focusing on four personal areas of development: the head, the heart, the hands, and health. 4-H has over 90,000 clubs across the US and 6.5 million members, ranging from ages 5-21.

So many life time skills are acquired by participating in 4-H. We are three generations proud.
-K. Roback

The Four “H”s

4-H is dedicated to helping America’s youth develop themselves as fully as possible. With that in mind, the organization focuses on four vital elements of personal youth expansion:

Head – Make sound decisions, set goals and stick with them, and have practical skills needed to lead a productive, fulfilling life.

Heart – Act with integrity and accountability, and help others become their best.

Hands – Put the needs of the community before their own while serving others.

Health – Actively take care of their minds and bodies.


The Goals of 4-H Youth Development

The group uses the 4 “H”s to help youths develop into the most capable, well-rounded adults that they can be. The primary focus is on helping youth:

  1. Develop positive relationships with adults and peers.
  2. Stay physically and emotionally safe.
  3. Actively engaged in their own development.
  4. Be participants rather than recipients in the learning process.
  5. Develop skills that help them succeed.
  6. Recognize, understand and appreciate multiculturalism.
  7. Grow and contribute as active citizens through service and leadership.

Interested in Learning More about 4-H?

You can join 4-H at any time. Just find a club on the list on the back that meets your project interests and then contact the leader to see if they are accepting new members. The leaders will step you through the 4-H enrollment process. The cost to join $10 per member per year (up to $30 per family and scholarships are available. Some clubs charge annual dues to support club activities and there may also be costs to participate in some activities.


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