Membership & Annual Meeting – Agricultural Society of Lenawee County

The Lenawee County Fair is also known as the Agricultural Society of Lenawee County. The purpose(s) of the Society as defined in the By-Laws are: “The advancement, encouragement of agricultural, horticultural and mechanical art and the education thereof”. Membership in the Society entitles the member the privilege of one vote on any business conducted at the annual meeting or special meeting(s). All annual or lifetime members also have the right to attend all monthly and special meetings of the Board of Directors of the Lenawee County Fair.

Any person can become a member. Membership requires the following eligibility guidelines for any person (1) 18 years of age or older, (2) who has paid require dues ($2 a year or $25 for a lifetime membership) into the treasury, (3) who subscribes to the Articles of the Society. Dues may be paid any time during the year. However, to be eligible to vote on issues and the election of directors at the Annual Meeting, dues must be paid at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting is always held the third Wednesday of October. The time and place will be published in the public announcement, or contact the fair office for meeting information, 263-3007. Persons may be an Agricultural Society member without being on the Board of Directors. However, Board members must be an Agricultural Society member. Election of 1/3 of the Board members takes place each year at the Annual Meeting. Members are elected to represent their respective residence area, i.e. City of Adrian, Village of Blissfield, City of Hudson, City of Morenci, City of Tecumseh, or any of the 22 Townships in Lenawee County, plus 3 members are elected at large. This year terms expire for the following: City of Adrian, Cambridge Township, Dover Township, Seneca Township, Clinton Township, Medina Township, Palmyra Township, Blissfield Village, Ridgeway Township, and one (1) At Large. Residents of any of these geographic areas interested in running for a Board of Directors position may contact the fair office (263-3007) or By-Laws Chair, Kay Kutzley, 448- 0161, for more information.