Agricultural Society of Lenawee County, Annual Meeting, October 16, 2013

At the Annual Meeting for the membership of the Agricultural Society of Lenawee County by-laws proposals were voted upon and elections for expiring Fair Board positions took place. This meeting was held on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 7 p.m. in the Agricultural Hall on the fair grounds.

Two by-laws proposals were approved. The first one was from Article VI – Officers and Manager, Section 1, Duties of the Officers, d) 1 Duties of the Treasurer. The second one was from Article V-Board of Directors, Section 3, Duties and Principles of the Board of Directors, e3. For a copy of the updated by-laws, please contact the fair office @ 517-263-3007 or stop in the office @ 602 N. Dean St., Adrian MI.

Results of the elections for Board Members for terms expiring in 2013 are listed below. The newly elected Board Members will serve for three year terms expiring in 2016.

Adrian City – Skip Aldrich

Medina Township – Mike Root

Blissfield Village – David Sanchez

Palmyra Township – Mark Ruttkofsky

Cambridge Township – Nancy Fish

Ridgeway Township – Perry Taylor

Clinton Township – Dave Penterics

Seneca Township – Kay Kutzley

Dover Township – Jason Borck

At Large – Jason Wegner


Open Board seats for terms expiring in 2014 were filled by the elections listed below.

Ogden Township – Mark Vandenbusche

Woodstock Township – Tom Neill*

*As there were no candidates from Woodstock Township running, the election for that slot became an at large position for the remainder of the term – a process defined in our by-laws.


After the Annual Meeting was adjourned, the October Fair Board meeting was held and the following officers were

elected for one year terms:

President – Jason Wegner

Secretary – Beth DeJonghe

Vice President – Mark Ruttkofsky

Treasurer – Vicki Daniels


A complete list of all Board members is available in the fair office or by clicking here.