2014 Lenawee County Fair – A Fair Week To Remember

Thank you Lenawee County – all volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, merchants & vendors, all in this corner of our world for helping the Fair Board to host a stellar fair week. Starting with our huge, spectacular fair parade and 1st Annual Car & Bike Cruise, and ending with a fantastic fireworks show this 175th year fulfilled its theme “The Best Is Yet To Come”. It takes the whole county to put on a successful county fair. Lenawee County certainly did that in 2014.

In 1839 the Lenawee County Fair established its roots. Maybe after that very first fair week was completed, those hardy pioneer volunteers reflected with “that was a good start”. Now 175 years later, as the Lenawee County Fair closes the gates on the 2014 fair week, the current hardy volunteers reflected with “that was a great anniversary fair week”. Yes, it was wonderful.

There were many facets of the 2014 fair too numerous to mention, but all were important and appreciated. Much behind the scenes work and activity is as valuable as any on-stage performance. Your patronage assists us to be successful. The Lenawee County Fair Board thanks each and every person, group, organization, business, and worker that helped the Fair Board to bring this fair to its heights. We hope our forefathers would have reflected on the 2014 fair and thought that while it certainly is different from 1839 fair, it was GREAT, and GREAT it was, indeed.

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