2013 Bike Winners


Daily bike give-aways were a first for this year’s fair. Four bikes were given away each day. WOW what an opportunity. Our food vendors sponsored this activity and when anyone purchased a food item, they could enter the drawing for the day. Lots of happy folks went home w/ brand new bikes. AND speaking of food vendors – the fair food was, well, as fair food is FANTASTIC. Whether your favorite is elephant ears or French fries, steak sandwiches or corn dogs, carmel corn or cotton candy – it was all here, delicious and plentiful.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Meg McClure
Brett McNichols
Ryan Baker
Aubree Fox
Tammy Mort
Yahzrah Ferrell
Kyle Spalding
Ray Lopez
Jamilla Rivera
Julian Reid
Cauy Jennings
Bradin S.
Jessica McCarley
Ashley Myers
Christian Arnold
Bryan Adams
Eillis Haist
Corryn Prochnow
Amber Sellers
Jose Amaro
Trinity Vazquez
Mea McCline